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Being Alpha

Core Life Skills

Developing a skillset that sets Alpha students apart from their peers!

We believe that a focus on the following is essential to prepare students for the future:

  • Civic Literacy
  • Communication
  • Cyber Security
  • Decision making
  • Finance, Economics, Business, and Entrepreneurship Literacy
  • Health Literacy
  • International Relations
  • Social and Emotional Learning

Implementing Project Work Technique 
At Alpha Girls School, project-based learning (PBL) is an integral part of our curriculum, which provides numerous benefits as It promotes active, hands-on learning. PBL allows students to engage deeply with content and develop essential skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork. PBL encourages student autonomy and ownership of learning, fostering creativity, and motivation. It connects classroom concepts to real-world applications, improving relevance and retention. PBL also enhances communication skills and prepares students for future career success by developing practical, transferable skills.
At Alpha Girls School, a significant amount of learning takes place in the form of Project Work, where students interconnect knowledge from various fields and apply it to real life situations. This process enhances student exposure, enabling them to acquire skills like collaboration, communication, and independent learning, and prepares them for learning throughout their lives, so they can face the challenges ahead.
Through this technique, students learn to work independently and in groups, providing them the opportunity to explore their skills. The following are the learning outcomes for the project work technique that we will use at Alpha Girls School:

Domains Learning Outcomes

Knowledge Application

Students will acquire the ability to make links across different areas of knowledge. They will develop, execute, and evaluate ideas and information to apply these skills to the project task.


Students will acquire effective communication skills by presenting ideas clearly and coherently to audiences in written and oral forms.


Students will learn to collaborate effectively by working in a team to achieve common goals.

Independent Learning

Students will be able to learn on their own, reflect on the acquired knowledge, and take appropriate actions to improve it.

Beyond the Classroom - Experimental Learning

At Alpha Girls School, we value creativity, activity and experimental learning as part of a holistic educational experience.

Experimental learning opportunities take students beyond the traditional boundaries of the classroom and encourage authentic hands-on experience. Students will be provided with the opportunity to explore various fields, develop skills, and interact with the world around them.

As part of our experimental learning program, we’re introducing our Open Minds Program and Research-Based Field trips:

Open Minds Program: This is an innovative learning experience, which takes students beyond the classroom, providing exposure in real-world settings. These meaningful experiences encourage critical thinking, communication, and decision-making.

Through this program, students get firsthand experience with experts in different fields including science, arts, history etc. Providing unique opportunities for powerful hands-on, minds-on learning.

Research-Based Field Trips: At Alpha Girls School, student field trips provide an excursion trip to enjoy and learn in unique environments beyond the classroom! Field trips provide students with real-world exposure to academic applications beyond the confines of a classroom.

Alpha Girls School ensures that our graduates go on to make a difference in the world professionally as doctors, engineers, educators, entrepreneurs, scientists, and leaders as well as individuals with unique personalities.