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The not so secret societies of Alpha Girls Schools

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The not-so-secret societies of Alpha Girls School

Societies are a place in school where students with similar shared interests can connect so that they may broaden their horizons, learn and socialize. Societies at Alpha Girl’s School provide intellectual fulfillment beyond the structured curriculum within a classroom, allowing for a holistic learning experience in school education.

Alpha Girls School currently houses four societies, each expanding on a variety of skills and interests. Echoes and Epic, Artisans, ActSync and Breelance are all societies that aim to provide knowledge and exposure as well as nurture confidence as the girls are encouraged to discover, grow and share their passions. 



Echoes and Epic is a society that provides a space of belonging to the literary leaders. When it comes to discussing authors, old and new, gaining inspiration for your own pieces or better, celebrating the art of literature through organizing fantastic programs and events, this society is one for the bookworms and the analytic marvels. 


The main requirement for joining the Artisans is the drive to create. This society is a hub for young artists who support each other in the exploration of the world of art styles and analytics. If you have ever felt the insatiable urge to make and to share the corners of your imagination with those around you, this society is the place for you.



Calling all those with a soul full of dramatic flair, ActSync awaits! The eccentrics, charismatics and expressive gather here to craft an act so full of emotion that it would invoke laughter in the sadness and tears in the joyous. This society aims to fill positions that cover all the bases of a successful performative piece: the actors, the writers, the poets, the mimics and so many more. Together, each member does their part to bring a collective dream to life.



Do you watch the news? Are you baffled by the state of the world within which we live? Share your thoughts and express your values at Social Synth, a society that provides a platform to the passionate to use their voice, debate and expand their pool of knowledge. Those with the undying drive to learn more,

make a difference and be a part of something bigger are all welcome here. The socioeconomic state of the world, the secret meaning of the barbie movie, delve into all topics with the same keen eye. Volunteer with your society members to be a responsible part of the community, start now, start young!



Finally comes the society for business minded innovators. As a part of vocational education, the Breelance society aims to empower students to take part in the world of business operations, buying and selling and commercial actions. Bring your ideas to life, market them and explore. This society gives multiple opportunities for young entrepreneurs to explore their skills in a safe and supportive environment, preparing them for the world of tomorrow.

The best part about all the Alpha Girl’s societies is that they do not simply aim to gather individuals with similar interests but rather unite and challenge them, teach them and nurture them to level up in their interests. By offering niche opportunities, linking those with similar passions and putting a modern twist on it all through the integration of artificial intelligence, at Alpha Girls you can explore not only your interests but also who you are as a person, your identity as an individual as well as your identity as an Alpha within the pack.