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Being Alpha

Technology equipped system

The campus is integrated with new technology to facilitate students and improve their learning.  With integrated tools, students and parents alike can easily keep track of students’ progress and gain valuable feedback. The advanced and modern campus also maximizes the impact of education and growth of the child.

Each student will be given an ID card that will be scanned. Electronic attendance is recorded both at the gate and in each classroom. Attendance will be updated in real time on the parent portal provided by the school. Moreover, parents receive a system-generated message on their cellphones from Alpha upon entry and exit of the student. We have taken this step to ensure that the parents do not have to worry about the security and safety of their children and are informed of their student’s presence on campus.

Parent Partnership

Alpha values its relationship with the parents and hence offers them an opportunity for a long-term partnership. The school has a supportive school community for parents where they are facilitated with knowledge and awareness initiatives so they may, in turn, possess the skills to enhance their child’s learning experiences.

Parent-teacher association

Alpha encourages parents to form long-lasting ties with the teaching faculty. We welcome parent’s involvement hence offer ample opportunities to them for volunteering in school events. Additionally, parents can also become a part of active committees and offer feedback. As a result his relationship benefits the educational and personal development of Alpha students.